CHPVA Awards 2016

Celebrating the best in professional practice

The first ever CPHVA Awards took place in London in March 2012 and it has been growing in stature ever since, recognising the work of Community Practitioners and Health Visitors across the UK and beyond.

The awards acknowledge the exceptional work that our members carry out with such dedication. To build on the success of the 2015 Awards, which was our biggest and most successful event to date, we have expanded the categories for 2016 to reflect evolving community practice and diverse professional roles that practitioners undertake.

The 2016 Awards recognised the achievements of the professions at a lunch time ceremony in the OXO2 event space.

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Vodafone - Sponsors of the Event

Vodafone UK are proud to be supporting  this year's CPHVA's awards, particularly in recognising the fantastic achievements and commitment of all staff. We wish all the nominees the best of luck.

2016 Awards - A day to remember

The 2016 CPHVA Awards took place at London’s OXO2, with a spectacular view of the Thames, at a lunchtime ceremony on Friday 8 April.

The fourth annual awards day brought together school nurses, health visitors, nursery nurses, educators and community teams to recognise the exceptional work that CPHVA members do on a daily basis, in all corners of the UK.

Hosted by Community Practitioner managing editor Louise Naughton, this year’s event was the largest yet, featuring more categories to reflect evolving community healthcare practice and the diversity of roles that practitioners undertake.

The ceremony also incorporated the MacQueen Charitable Trust Awards, which were made possible through a bequest from Dr Ian MacQueen, former medical officer of health for Aberdeen and a passionate supporter of the work of health visitors and community practitioners.

Overlooking a bright day in London the 100 attendees, who had travelled from all parts of the UK, were served a three-course lunch before the widely anticipated awards presentation began. Turn the page for details of the 13 winners who were honoured at this year’s event, plus all the finalists who deserve equal recognition.

The prestigious ceremony was proudly sponsored by Kellogg’s, Vodafone, Johnson’s, Unite in Health, Community Practitioner, Zinc Media, Unite Insurance and the CPHVA Education and Development Trust.

Award Winners 2016

Public Health Award of the Year

Winner: Janet Taylor

Finalists: Claire Clarke, Louise Hales, Niamh Hanlon

Nurse manager, children’s services, South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Janet’s nominator said: “Janet cares about public health practice and inspires others to care as well. She advocates vociferously on behalf of marginalised groups to ensure their health needs are not overlooked.

She promotes health visiting at every opportunity and continually stresses the importance of supporting parents to give every child the best start they deserve.”

Janet said: "I'm completely overwhelmed, shocked, but absolutely delighted. It is indeed a huge honour and I feel quite emotional – I’m so pleased."

"It’s lovely to go back to Northern Ireland because I feel you represent everyone. Although it’s a personal award, I know all the hard work that my colleagues do so it’s lovely."

"My message to other professionals is continue to be inspired. Continue to be passionate about public health."

"Public health nursing is, I believe, the future. Our children and parents, and all the young people we work with depend on us so keep going!"

Sponsored by Unite in Health

Universal Health Visitor of the Year

Winner: Fiona Semple

Finalists: Helen Westwood, Asha Day, Audrey Martin

Health visitor/school nursing team leader, Campbeltown Hospital, Argyll, Scotland

Fiona’s nominator said: “Fiona is an exceptionally dedicated health visitor who ensures the families she works with receive a ‘gold’ standard health visiting service.”

Fiona has contributed to the Early Years Collaborative and Getting it Right for Every Child programme in Kintyre and the NHS Highland quality improvement methodology.

Fiona said: "I’m absolutely overwhelmed. It’s such a privilege to be here and to be nominated. I never thought for a moment I’d win an award of this prestige. I’m just so delighted. I’m honoured to represent the team that’s behind me."

"I love the job I do and it’s great to feel that we really are making a difference."

"This is an extremely important event. I think living in Scotland we’ve not realised how important it is but it is significant that staff out there realise that we are doing a good job and that we represent a bigger organisation."

Sponsored by Johnson's

Student of the Year

Winner: Jenny Harmer

Student health visitor in Guy’s and St Thomas’ Trust, Lambeth, London

Jenny’s nominator said: "Jenny is a great inspiration both to her student colleagues and to the teachers who work with her."

"From the time that she applied for the programme Jenny has singled herself out by her commitment to getting the most out of her programme of study in order to make a significant contribution to child and family health, despite being a part time student." 

"Jenny also encourages the same approach amongst her student colleagues. She has boundless energy and enthusiasm and has made a significant contribution to her student group over two years."

Jenny said: "I’m really thrilled to have won. Being a part-time student, there’s maybe not as much credit. Some people think that we are doing it part-time because we are doing other jobs and things.

"In my case my other job is being a full-time mum which is partly what prompted to go into health visiting anyway."

"And also I’m not the strongest academically, I’m kind of middling. And so it’s really good to know that an award like this means you don’t have to be top of the class."

"You can be actually be credited for what you want to bring to the job and what you can bring to it."

Sponsored by Unite in Health

Lecturer of the Year

Winner: Cath Coucill

Finalists: Dr Lynn Sayer, Mary Malone, Charlotte Smith

Lecturer of family, community and public health, University of Central Lancashire

Cath's award was accepted by Karen Whittaker, fellow lecturer at University of Central Lancashire, at the awards ceremony on 8 April.

Cath’s nominator said: "As a lecturer Cath has successfully introduced training within health visitor and social work programmes in Solihull and is supporting the development of lecturer colleagues so that there is greater capacity to support workforce training."

"This achievement has been recognized widely and she has been invited on several occasions to speak at international conferences (recently speaking in Iceland) to support the training of practitioners in other countries."

Cath said: "I am stunned to be awarded. It’s quite humbling when I look at the other nominees and other amazing educators out there."

"I see the award as being on behalf of all the other fantastic practitioners and my students who teach me really. I learn from them every day."

"They have all had their own journeys through nursing and into health visiting. The HV job is an incredibly privileged position to work in partnership with families."

Sponsored by Zinc Media

Community Nursery Nurse of the Year

Winner: Aleksandra Dackiewicz

Finalists: Sara Yardley, Deborah Morton, Amy Watkins

Community nursery nurse, The Laurels Healthy Living Centre, Haringey, London

Aleksandra’s nominator said: "Alex has been working in her team for over 8 years. She is dedicated, committed, courageous and is always so full of life."

"She is always asking if there is more that she could do. She is always up for a challenge and also translates and works with most of the Polish families."

"She is the champion for ASQ's in the team and will soon be involved in training some of the newly recruited nursery nurses. She deserves to be recognised."

Aleksandra said: "It feels amazing to win. I did not expect any of this because I have never won anything in my life."

"Today is not about winning, it’s about being part of it. We’re all winners here so big credit to all the nursery nurses."

"Now is a challenging time for everyone in health visiting but enjoy every moment of this. Try to access every form of training that you can."

"Being a nursery nurse is a challenge and a mission itself. Be what you are and enjoy every day. It’s important because you can make a change in everybody’s life."

Sponsored by Unite in Health

Leader of the Year

Winner: Josephine Fee

Finalists: Fiona Semple, Sharon LePere, Claire Clarke

Specialist safeguarding children’s nurse, Rusholme Health Centre, Manchester

Josephine’s nominator said: "Approaching retirement Jo has never slowed down. She is like a whirl wind and her energy and passion is contagious."

"During her career as an ambassador for supporting marginalized and vulnerable groups in society she has earned herself a reputation as an outstanding leader which is reinforced by her dedication and commitment to safeguarding the most vulnerable in society. She really is an unsung hero."

Josephine said: "I certainly did not expect this. I’m really delighted and quite overwhelmed. I’m astounded that I’ve got this award. I’m really pleased."

"I think the most important thing in leadership is kindness because staff are continuously going through changes and evolving in their roles."

"Sometimes it’s very difficult to do that but I think that when you can give kindness to one another and support each other through the changes that people will stay in post and be happier at their jobs because they are appreciated and recognised for what they’re doing."

Sponsored by Unite Insurance

School Nurse of the Year

Winner: Amanda Hulse

Finalists: Angela McConvey

Specialist community public health practitioner in school nursing, Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, Cumbria

Amanda’s nominator said: "Amanda’s passion, alongside hard work and determination, has helped to maintain a quality school nursing service within Cumbria, and to raise the morale of the school nurse and health visitor colleagues with whom she works."

"Comments from young people, alongside Amanda’s own evidence of exemplary practice, led to her being awarded the title of Queen’s Nurse in November 2014."

Amanda said: "I’m really shocked, surprised, and so proud of this win. Keep doing what you like, testing the boundaries and pushing yourself and just enjoying the job! That’s why I still love it."

"School nurses should have a good sense of humour and be passionate about what you’re doing. Being in a good team and enjoying what you’re doing is the key."

Sponsored by Kellogg's

Specialist Health Visitor of the Year

Winner: Carroll Johnson-Chapman

Finalists: Mandy Hughes MBE, Sharon LePere, Veera Samra

Clinical team leader, health visiting teams for Spitfire and Boldmere, Stockland Green Primary Care Centre, Birmingham

Carroll’s nominator said: "Carroll deserves recognition because she has used her experience in an innovative way to support anxious parents to think clearly about their children’s health."

"She has worked on her project single-handedly raising funds and gaining support for her idea to become a reality. She has been inspirational in her leadership."

Carroll said: "The award means a lot to me because I have worked really hard on the project to create an app alongside The Lullaby Trust."

"The app is designed to support families to recognise whether or not they need to take their baby to hospital."

"It was only a tiny idea on a beermat in a pub and now here I am standing here today! If it saves one life that’s all I can ask for. That’s what it means to me."

Sponsored by Unite in Health

Practice Teacher of the Year

Winner: Patricia Kelly

Finalists: Penny Dougan, Rachel Dent, Jeffrey Ahmed

Associate practice teacher, Health Visitors Clinical Academic Hub, Sudbury Primary Care Centre, Wembley, London

Patricia’s nominator said: "As an associate practice teacher supporting health visiting staff and students across three boroughs, Trish ensures that she keeps herself up-to-date with current research and leads and chairs regular development forums with health visiting practice teachers."

"She has made a substantial contribution to the development of health visiting PTs and students to meet the requirements of the national Implementation Plan."

Patricia said: "I’m absolutely amazed and really proud to have won the award. It’s been a really amazing two years."

"I became a fellow of the Institute of Health Visiting and I’ve been in a new role supporting practice teachers. This award feels like a culmination of that."

"I work with some amazing practice teachers in Brent and Harrow who all work incredibly hard and we have supported a large number of students over the last two years. I’m just proud to be part of their team."

Sponsored by Community Practitioner

Team of the Year Award

Winner: Sue McCormick, Helen Golightly, Janine Newhouse, Julia Roose, Sandra Davies, Lisa Benn, and Jade Byatt

Finalists: Seaside View Child Development Brighton, 0-19 Homeless Health Team Surrey, Community Nursery Nurses Surrey, Saffron Family Young People and Children Centre Leicester

Children’s health inclusion team, Vauxhall Health Centre, Liverpool

Sue McCormick who nominated her team said: "The team really excel in showing compassion in a professional manner, and many families have moved on with renewed hope."

"Frequently the team see families whose only possessions are the clothes they are standing up. This team are 100 per cent committed to this client group."

"They constantly strive to improve the care given by amending working practises. They really deserve recognition as this is a very challenging role."

"Every day they listen to traumatic histories from families and there can be a lot of tears. This is all in the context of an asylum system."

The team said: "We feel very shocked but also very pleased to have won. Sue nominated the team because everyone is so committed. It’s busy, it’s difficult but everyone gives 100 per cent and goes over and beyond."

"Every day we work with families arriving from other countries into the asylum system. They often arrive with literally only the clothes they are standing in. We do our best to get them settled and have their health needs addressed."

"We all support each other because it’s a mentally and physically demanding role but we all love the job we do and that’s why we do it."

Sponsored by Unite in Health

CPHVA Advocate of the Year

Winner: Angela Lewis

Independent consultant for public health nursing, East Riding of Yorkshire

Angela was selected as the Advocate of the Year by the CPHVA in recognition of her support for the association.

Angela trained as a nurse in 1979 and as a midwife in 1981 prior to becoming a health visitor. She subsequently worked as a health visitor and practice teacher in Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire.

As Professional Lead for both health visiting and school nursing she was responsible for service improvement and for developing integrated working with the local authority.

Angela is an active supporter of the #CPHVAtt Twitter chats every Tuesday and is passionate about promoting the work of the association.

Angela said: "I’m absolutely delighted and really shocked. I’ve been a member of CPHVA since I qualified as a health visitor in 1984 so I have long been associated with them. I have served as a regional and a national officer on the executive board."

"I actually work independently and have left the NHS and I find that the CPHVA, through the journal and the Twitter Tuesdays really help to keep me up-to-date professionally."

"There is strength in numbers. It’s important that we get a lot of support and guidance from being in the CPHVA, from that camaraderie that we can get from attending local meetings and checking the Facebook and Twitter Tuesdays and being part of that community. It’s a fantastic way to stay up-to-date and connected."

Sponsored by Unite in Health

MacQueen Bursary for Excellence in Research

Winner: Elaine McInnes

The MacQueen Bursary of £12,500 for Excellence in Research was awarded to Elaine McInnes, policy advisor for Cambridge Community Trust, for her proposed project, "What are the components of successful preceptorship programmes for newly qualified health visitors?"

The judges said Elaine’s award followed “an excellent presentation in which she was able to justify her project fully and to clearly outline its significance for health visiting”.

Elaine said: “The quality of services that the health visiting profession delivers to families must remain first-class.”

Sponsored by CPHVA Education and Development Trust

The MacQueen Travel Bursary

Winner: Audrey Dillon

The MacQueen Travel Bursary of £2,000 was awarded to Audrey Dillon, health visitor practice teacher at South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust in Lisburn, Northern Ireland. Audrey’s project, located in Juba Teaching Hospital in South Sudan, was selected by the panel for “its sustainable approach to strengthen the education, skills and practice of the staff” and for “aiming to address the major causes of maternal and neonatal deaths and morbidity”.

Audrey said: “The project is very successful because it has been sustainable and when the people realise that you keep coming back, they engage with you more.”

Sponsored by CPHVA Education and Development Trust